VORARI deploys production-grade services for businesses in the cloud, offering cost-effective, scalable, reliable and secure solutions. VORARI builds solutions around Zimbra's collaboration suite, an open source alternative to Microsoft Exchange and Sharepoint as a collaborative hub for public and private clouds. The new metric for companies deploying to the cloud is not just raw cost savings – but the productivity gains from improving collaboration and digital workflow. Now backed by Yahoo! and built from the ground up to support web services, Zimbra's Zimlet architecture provides the ultimate framework for accessing, manipulating and interfacing data by enabling businesses to seamlessly integrate both existing and emerging cloud services around an open-source collaboration platform.

VORARI provides these services to enterprises and ISP's against their shared platform across Rackspace, VMware and Amazons EC2.  VORARI also provides development services to service providers looking to expose their services as Zimlets.