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Tools and workflow processes to manage Information

Written communications and scheduling are the basis by which we communicate with each other - when we can't be there in person. Today we find ourselves communicating with machines as well: In-boxes not only have messages from contacts but status updates on projects, updates from our business systems and feedback ushering us to enter data into 3rd party systems.

We recognise that messaging and collaboration is your first port of call for information. We work with you to simplify and automate message handling where ever possible to help your staff regain control of their inboxes and to focus on your business.

News ways to manage information

  • Reviewing news style ticker updates (RSS) for updates to projects that are a going matter of concern.
  • Subscribing to project based calendars that can show milestones on your calendar. (iCal subscriptions)
  • Connecting to your CRM systems directly from your mail client instead of being directed to click on link.

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